Auto Vs. Truck Insurance: Is There Any Difference?

Nebraska drivers will want to choose an auto insurance policy with care. This means not only purchasing adequate coverage but also making sure you have the right policy for your vehicle.

What’s Covered by Auto Insurance?

Nebraska law stipulates that you must purchase adequate auto insurance. A basic policy must include $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and $25,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage. It must also include bodily injury coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists with limits that match the policies mentioned above. At the same time, auto owners are free to purchase additional forms of coverage, such as comprehensive auto insurance. 

What’s Covered by Truck Insurance?

The key difference between car and truck insurance is the purpose for which you use a vehicle. For instance, a regular auto insurance policy can cover your pick-up truck if you only use the truck for personal travel. If you use it for any commercial work, you’ll need to purchase a commercial truck insurance policy. Commercial work doesn’t include traveling to and from your job, but it does include traveling to meet clients or even occasionally transporting goods to a local market. It also includes coverage for an employee driving your truck. Basic coverage offers the same level of protection as an auto policy. However, you can add various forms of coverage to suit your needs. For instance, if you transport expensive items, you may want coverage for your goods to ensure you’ll receive compensation if items are lost or stolen.

Get Help from Brokers Insurance Agency

Brokers Insurance Agency can assess your situation and help you ensure that you’re taking out the right policy for your vehicle. Contact us to find out more or to get a quote on the policy of your choice.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

While you’re shopping for home insurance or other types of coverage, your insurance agent at Brokers Insurance Agency, serving Lincoln, NE, may prompt you to consider an umbrella insurance policy. Understanding what umbrella insurance entails and how it offers additional help will allow you to decide whether it’s the right coverage for your needs.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella insurance policy is a type of extended coverage that amplifies the liability limits of standard homeowners, watercraft, or auto insurance policies, offering extra safeguarding layers. In addition to this expanded liability coverage, umbrella insurance can grant additional protections against slander, vandalism, libel, and invasion of privacy.

Who Can Benefit from Umbrella Insurance?

If you partake in activities presenting an increased risk of lawsuits or possess substantial assets, you may stand to lose a great deal in a lawsuit. This makes umbrella insurance a wise investment.

How to Obtain Umbrella Insurance

Securing umbrella insurance is straightforward. You can ensure you receive appropriate coverage by engaging with an insurance agent. At Brokers Insurance Agency serving Lincoln, NE, our primary mission is to shield our customers while assuring they have the right level of coverage suiting their individual needs.

We’re more than willing to explore umbrella insurance options with you while arranging your auto, homeowners, or watercraft insurance. Call today to schedule an appointment and embark on your journey of complete protection.

How to Be Sure Your Beneficiary Gets Your Policy Benefits

One important decision adults need to make is buying a life insurance policy to provide for their families when they pass away. If you live in the Lincoln, NE, area, we invite you to Brokers Insurance Agency. We’ve been serving our clients since 1994 when our agency opened. 

Choosing the Right Beneficiary

When you buy a life insurance policy, you must choose a beneficiary. The beneficiary is the one who will receive the policy payment when you pass away. Most people choose their spouse or a close family member as their beneficiary. Others choose a close family member or their romantic partner as their beneficiary.

According to Money Geek, you should choose the person who will most immediately benefit from the money. Many people realize that funeral service and burial will cost a lot, so they choose the person who will pay for their funeral as a beneficiary. After selecting a beneficiary, it’s essential to ensure your policy information stays current.  

Updating Beneficiary Information 

Some people don’t tell their beneficiaries they have a life insurance policy. If those people pass away and their deaths aren’t reported to the insurance company, the benefits will not be paid. Benefits will also go unclaimed if the insured doesn’t keep their beneficiary’s contact information current.  

Call Us Today For an Appointment 

Your life insurance policy benefits are meant to help someone you love. By updating the address changes of your beneficiary, you will ensure that your wishes will be followed. Residents of the Lincoln, NE area are encouraged to visit Brokers Insurance Agency and discuss their insurance options with our staff. Call us for an appointment today to get the insurance you need. 

Contractual Clarity: The Role of Liability Insurance

Understanding Business Contracts and the Significance of Liability Insurance

Clarity in business contracts, particularly in relation to liability and insurance provisions, is crucial for a successful business. Specialists in commercial insurance solutions, Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE, are committed to fostering transparency in business contracts to ensure optimal protection for businesses. Let’s explore key aspects of liability insurance that are pivotal for every business owner.

The Concept of Contractual Liability

Contractual liability covers legal commitments outlined in your business contracts. These liabilities can greatly vary, encompassing everything from indemnity clauses to hold-harmless agreements. A clear understanding of these obligations is essential for safeguarding your business interests.

The Function of Liability Insurance Brokers

Liability insurance brokers help businesses navigate the often complex landscape of insurance-centric contractual agreements. Their role ensures that insurance policies align with contractual obligations and adequately limit potential liabilities.

The Process of Contract Review and Analysis

Insurance brokers undertake a careful review of business contracts to identify insurance-related conditions. They confirm that policies fulfill all mandatory criteria and provide the necessary coverage to meet contractual duties.

Creation of Custom Insurance Solutions

Insurance brokers formulate custom insurance solutions by considering contract specifications and potential risk assessments. This process includes adjusting coverage limits, endorsements, or provisions to meet precise contract requirements.

Support during Contract Negotiations

Brokers offer crucial support during contract negotiations, providing insights to secure beneficial insurance terms and advocating for fair provisions.

Claims Management

In the event of a claim, brokers facilitate communication between the insured party and the insurer, ensuring swift resolution and the maximization of coverage benefits.

Consistent Monitoring

By continually monitoring contracts and policies, brokers adjust coverage as per evolving business requirements and situations to maintain compliance and effectiveness.

Providing Educational Resources

Brokers supply clients with educational resources to enhance their understanding of contractual liabilities and insurance implications, enabling informed decision-making.

In conclusion, liability insurance brokers are crucial for ensuring contractual transparency and protecting businesses from unplanned liabilities. If your business is currently without this type of commercial insurance coverage, consider securing it soon. For expert advice and bespoke commercial insurance solutions in Lincoln, NE, contact Brokers Insurance Agency.

Making your home a safer place to live

Home is the safe place for most people, and ensuring your home is genuinely safe takes a few easy steps. Safety can mean many things. It can be both inside and out. At Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE, we know that home insurance makes your home safer from many of the things that can damage it. 



Lighting is essential inside and out. Inside, it helps avoid falls. Outside, if you install motion sensor lights, they can alert you to anyone approaching your home. Good lighting outdoors can also allow you to see your way as you enter your home. 

Security system

Home security systems have never been more affordable or more accessible to install. You can watch your home when you are away by using your smartphone. Depending on your system type, the authorities may be automatically alerted to an intruder.


Smoke detectors

No home should be without smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, depending on the heating system you have. Check the batteries regularly to make sure your backup is working. 

Clear clutter

Clutter is a danger for falls, especially on stairs and in hallways. Falls are one of the biggest dangers in the home. 

Store medication and poison out of reach

Children and pets are inquisitive and often ingest things they shouldn’t. Keep any medication out of reach and, if necessary, under lock and key. Poisons in the basement or garage should be in locked cabinets. Cleaning solutions in the bathroom and kitchen need to be safely stored. 

When you need home insurance in Lincoln, NE, you can count on our Brokers Insurance Agency team to offer a wide range of insurance products. Give us a call today to get the information you need. 

Life Insurance for Millennials: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started

In the bustling city of Lincoln, NE, millennials are embracing life’s opportunities. At Brokers Insurance Agency, we understand the unique financial landscape millennials navigate, and today, we’ll explore why life insurance is crucial for your demographic and how to take the first steps toward securing your future.

Understanding the Importance of Life Insurance

Millennials often juggle student loans, careers, and other financial responsibilities. Recognizing that life insurance isn’t just about today; it’s an essential tool for providing financial security to your loved ones tomorrow. Whether you’re single, married, or starting a family, life insurance offers peace of mind.

Tailoring Coverage to Millennial Lifestyles

Life insurance shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Brokers Insurance Agency specializes in tailoring coverage to fit the diverse lifestyles of millennials in Lincoln, NE. From term life to whole life policies, we provide flexible solutions that adapt as your life evolves.

Getting Started: A Simple Guide

Getting started with life insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Brokers Insurance Agency offers a simple guide for millennials in Lincoln. We’ll help you assess your needs, understand policy options, and choose coverage that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Your Partner in Financial Security

As your partner in financial security, we understand the importance of building a foundation for the future. With our expertise and commitment to personalized service, we guide millennials through the life insurance process, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their unique circumstances.

Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning, and Brokers Insurance Agency is here to empower the financial future of millennials. Contact us today for personalized guidance and take the first step toward securing a tomorrow that’s financially resilient and full of possibilities.

Does Your Business Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Large businesses with many employees have Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL or EPLI). But at Brokers Insurance Agency, which serves Lincoln, NE, we suggest that small businesses and new businesses consider getting this coverage, too.

Reasons an Employee May Sue a Business

EPI policies provide a defense lawyer if a company is sued by an employee who charges an unfavorable work environment. There are many reasons an employer can be sued that may activate the stated provisions of this coverage. They may include an employee’s allegation of:

  • Discrimination based on sex, race or disability
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful firing
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Subjectively in giving a poor employee evaluation
  • Wrongful discipline
  • Failure to promote
  • Actions causing emotional distress
  • Mismanagement of employee benefit plans

Employment Status Does Not Deter Lawsuits

With so many possibilities, it’s obvious that almost any business except a sole proprietorship is susceptible to employee lawsuits. A company may be sued by an applicant who did not get the job, a current employee, or a former employee.

What EPI Policies May Cover

An Employee Practices Liability policy pays for a defense attorney. If the company loses, the insurer makes a payout. This coverage does not pay punitive damages or civil or criminal fines. Nor does it pay for liabilities covered by another insurance policy.

How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Employee Lawsuits

Having effective human resources and legal departments may help to prevent a lot of employee lawsuits. But since some businesses aren’t yet large enough to have these departments, we strongly suggest EPL insurance for many businesses at Brokers Insurance Agency.

At Brokers Insurance Agency, we serve Lincoln, NE, and we have the expertise to help business owners choose EPI. Contact us today.

Prepping Your Home for Winter: What Homeowners Need to Know

Freezing temperatures are just around the corner. As a homeowner, your home must be prepared for the ice and snow ahead. At Brokers Insurance Agency, we’re proud to service Lincoln, NE residents with all their home insurance needs. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get your home ready for winter. 

Call in the Furnace Professionals

It’s a good idea to have your furnace serviced at least once every year. If you haven’t had your furnace serviced yet this year, you’ll want to check it before relying on your HVAC unit to keep you warm.

Turn Off Outdoor Faucets

Walk around your home and ensure all exterior faucets are turned off, and bring in your hoses until spring. Doing so can prevent freezing water that can equal a major leak when turning your water on in the spring.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

It’s time to flip the little switch on your ceiling fans when the winter chill begins to set in. This sends the heat back down to your living area instead of back up to the ceiling. This simple trick can save you serious cash when it comes to heating your home in the winter. 

Take a Look at Your Roof

Ice, snow, and wind can all do a number on your roof in the winter. If there’s a problem with your roof, it’s best to find out now rather than pay to have it fixed once the cold rolls around. 

Brokers Insurance Agency: Proudly Serving Lincoln, NE

At Brokers Insurance Agency, we’re proud to serve our Lincoln, NE customers with all of their insurance product needs. Reach out to us or stop by the office today to learn more. 

Is RV Insurance the Same as Auto Insurance?

If you’ve just purchased an RV, you might wonder if you can add it to your auto insurance plan for coverage. Unfortunately, an RV isn’t considered an automobile, so you must purchase a separate insurance policy to cover your new recreational vehicle adequately. Here is an explanation of why you need separate coverage and how much you can expect to pay. 

Coverage for Travel Trailers Only

If you have a travel trailer and not an actual RV, your trailer is covered under your regular automobile policy. However, if you have a separate RV that isn’t towed by your vehicle, RV insurance is required by the state of Nebraska. It’s state law, and the fact that auto insurance provides coverage for automobiles, and an RV isn’t an automobile. RV insurance will also provide more complete coverage for your recreational vehicle if you become involved in an accident or the vehicle incurs some damage. 

Average Cost of RV Insurance

Several factors will be considered when determining the RV insurance coverage cost. These factors will include the size and length of your RV, its weight, the property you keep in your RV’s living area, and more. You can expect to spend anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars a year to a couple thousand. 

As you can see, you must purchase a separate insurance policy when covering your RV. If you’re seeking a new insurance agency and you’re in the Lincoln, NE area, you should contact Brokers Insurance Agency. At Brokers Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch insurance policies and excellent customer service. Call us today so we can provide you with a quote.

Consequences of Driving Without Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska

Sometimes, when money gets tight in your Lincoln, NE home, you look for bills to put off paying. Brokers Insurance Agency wants to explain why you should never choose your motorcycle insurance premium as the bill to skip.

Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

When you skip a premium payment, your coverage lapses. That means until you bring your coverage current, you drive without insurance. The state of Nebraska carries some hefty consequences for doing that if you get caught.

The police will charge you with a Class II misdemeanor, and the state temporarily suspends your license. You get ten days to prove that you have insurance. If you can’t produce proof, you’ll incur a fine of a minimum of $50.

Losing Your License

Besides the fines, which a judge determines based on guidance from state law, you can lose your driver’s license. In Nebraska, you will lose your license to drive if you drive without at least the minimum liability coverage and cause an accident or get convicted of having no proof of insurance.

What Is the Minimum Liability Coverage?

To legally ride your bike in Nebraska, you must maintain liability coverage in the amount of:

  • $25,000 property damages insurance
  • $50,000 personal injury insurance.

You can add coverage to the minimum to protect your own bike and health care needs.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Contact Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE for the motorcycle insurance you need to stay out of trouble with the law. Let us help you obtain affordable motorcycle insurance to comply with Nebraska law.