Living in Your RV? Here’s What You Need to Know About Insurance

RV life can be both fun and liberating. More and more people are discovering the freedom and adventure of living out of their RV full time. In order to make the most of your RV living, however, it is important to have all of your insurance bases covered. At Richards Insurance Agency, serving Lincoln, NE, we know that the only way you can make good insurance choices is to have the best insurance information. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about RV insurance. 

Is a Traditional Auto Policy Good Enough? 

In many states, you can operate an RV with a traditional auto insurance policy. However, the problem is that when you choose to start living in your RV full-time or even part-time, your insurance needs change. The RV is now no longer simply a vehicle, but now it is also operating as your residence. If you are living in your RV, a traditional auto insurance policy is probably not enough. 

What Will RV Insurance Cover?

RV insurance is similar to traditional auto insurance in many ways and different in some important ways. RV insurance can be customized to suit your particular needs, but in general, the policy will cover the following areas:

  • Collision/ Comprehensive– This type of coverage will kick in should your RV become damaged or lost through an accident or other circumstance or if your RV is stolen. 
  • Liability– This type of coverage will help cover expenses if another person is injured because of your RV.
  • Personal property- This is a type of coverage that differs from traditional auto. If you are living in your RV, this type of coverage will protect your personal belongings. 

If you would like to learn more about RV insurance, please contact our Richards Insurance Agency staff, serving Lincoln, NE. 


Do I Need to Purchase Additional Insurance if I Rent an RV?

Renting an RV is a great way to spend your vacation if you love to travel. The agents of Richards Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE understand that you need to be covered by the right type of insurance while you are camping. You need to consider purchasing insurance that will reduce your liability as well as protect your belongings.

Buy Insurance Through the Rental Agency

When you rent an RV, the company automatically provides you with basic insurance coverage to protect its investment. You can buy an additional amount of coverage to protect you if the RV is damaged in any way while it is in your possession. Normally, the rental agency will allow you to choose from two or three different amounts.

Purchase Additional Insurance Through Your Agent

While the coverage you purchase from the rental agency protects the RV, it doesn’t do much for you. It doesn’t provide you with liability coverage and it won’t protect you if your personal property is lost or stolen. If you want to protect your personal items, you will need to talk to your personal insurance agent to see what your options are.

At Richards Insurance Agency, residents who are from the Lincoln, NE area can discuss your options with you if you choose to rent an RV for your vacation this year. They can help you determine how much insurance is needed and what your liability options are. Most policies include some degree of liability, but it is up to you when choosing how much to carry over the state-mandated limits. Schedule a consultation to talk over your options today!