Making your home a safer place to live

Home is the safe place for most people, and ensuring your home is genuinely safe takes a few easy steps. Safety can mean many things. It can be both inside and out. At Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE, we know that home insurance makes your home safer from many of the things that can damage it. 



Lighting is essential inside and out. Inside, it helps avoid falls. Outside, if you install motion sensor lights, they can alert you to anyone approaching your home. Good lighting outdoors can also allow you to see your way as you enter your home. 

Security system

Home security systems have never been more affordable or more accessible to install. You can watch your home when you are away by using your smartphone. Depending on your system type, the authorities may be automatically alerted to an intruder.


Smoke detectors

No home should be without smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, depending on the heating system you have. Check the batteries regularly to make sure your backup is working. 

Clear clutter

Clutter is a danger for falls, especially on stairs and in hallways. Falls are one of the biggest dangers in the home. 

Store medication and poison out of reach

Children and pets are inquisitive and often ingest things they shouldn’t. Keep any medication out of reach and, if necessary, under lock and key. Poisons in the basement or garage should be in locked cabinets. Cleaning solutions in the bathroom and kitchen need to be safely stored. 

When you need home insurance in Lincoln, NE, you can count on our Brokers Insurance Agency team to offer a wide range of insurance products. Give us a call today to get the information you need.