How to Be Sure Your Beneficiary Gets Your Policy Benefits

One important decision adults need to make is buying a life insurance policy to provide for their families when they pass away. If you live in the Lincoln, NE, area, we invite you to Brokers Insurance Agency. We’ve been serving our clients since 1994 when our agency opened. 

Choosing the Right Beneficiary

When you buy a life insurance policy, you must choose a beneficiary. The beneficiary is the one who will receive the policy payment when you pass away. Most people choose their spouse or a close family member as their beneficiary. Others choose a close family member or their romantic partner as their beneficiary.

According to Money Geek, you should choose the person who will most immediately benefit from the money. Many people realize that funeral service and burial will cost a lot, so they choose the person who will pay for their funeral as a beneficiary. After selecting a beneficiary, it’s essential to ensure your policy information stays current.  

Updating Beneficiary Information 

Some people don’t tell their beneficiaries they have a life insurance policy. If those people pass away and their deaths aren’t reported to the insurance company, the benefits will not be paid. Benefits will also go unclaimed if the insured doesn’t keep their beneficiary’s contact information current.  

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Your life insurance policy benefits are meant to help someone you love. By updating the address changes of your beneficiary, you will ensure that your wishes will be followed. Residents of the Lincoln, NE area are encouraged to visit Brokers Insurance Agency and discuss their insurance options with our staff. Call us for an appointment today to get the insurance you need.