Classic Car Insurance vs. Traditional Auto Insurance Basics for Motorists

There’s nothing better than driving your classic car along Lincoln, NE scenic roads and basking in the picturesque scenery found along local highways and byways. 

The insurance experts at Brokers Insurance Agency provide some insights into the differences between classic car insurance and traditional auto insurance. 

Traditional Auto Insurance Basics

Traditional car insurance covers new and used cars for liability claims made by drivers who incur property damage or medical expenses due to at-fault account claims. Liability coverage doesn’t offer any protections for repairing or replacing your damaged vehicle. 

Comprehensive and Collision Offers Extended Coverages for Lincoln NE Drivers 

Comprehensive and collision insurance are optional add-ons that extend your coverage to include collision-related accidents, thefts, vandalism, and damages caused by natural disasters. 

Classic Car Insurance vs. Traditional Auto Insurance 

The primary difference between classic car insurance and traditional car insurance is policy value. 

Most traditional car insurance policies are based on your vehicle’s year, make, and model, driving history, and age. 

Vintage Car Insurance Equals More Value

Classic car insurance holders have specialty coverage that protects their vehicle for its agreed-upon vintage value rather than its age. 

Vintage car owners who opt for traditional insurance may find that their coverage lacks the specific details needed to keep their classic beauties in top shape. 

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