Does commercial insurance cover financial crimes and embezzlement by employees?

When you purchase commercial insurance in Lincoln, NE, you expect it to cover a wide range of potential risks to your business. But what about financial crimes and theft committed by your employees? Unfortunately, these are not always covered by standard commercial insurance policies. However, there are ways to get coverage for financial crimes and employee embezzlement. Brokers Insurance Agency wants you to know how to protect your business from these risks.  

What Is Financial Crimes Insurance?

Standard commercial policies protect your business against employee actions, such as inventory theft or damaging property. However, for financial crimes like embezzlement, you need additional coverage. Financial crime insurance is a type of coverage that protects businesses from losses resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees. This can include anything from embezzlement and payroll fraud to identity theft and data breaches. Financial crime insurance can help cover the costs of investigating and prosecuting the responsible parties and any losses incurred by the business.

Do I Need Financial Crimes Insurance?

The short answer is it depends. Financial crime insurance may be wise if your business deals with large sums of money or sensitive customer information. It’s always a good idea to speak with your insurance agent to determine if this coverage is right for you.

No one in Lincoln, NE likes to think about the possibility of their employees committing fraud or theft, but it’s essential to be prepared for any eventuality. Fortunately, financial crime insurance can help protect your business from the potentially devastating effects of these types of crimes. If you’re unsure whether or not this coverage is right for you, speak with Brokers Insurance Agency for more information.

What every new homeowner needs to know about home insurance

All new homeowners need to learn the basics of homeownership and home insurance. It is not always obvious when this is your first home. With years of experience, Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE serves both Nebraska and Iowa. We personalize every customer’s insurance policy to meet their particular needs and wallet. 

Read your policy carefully.

Read your home insurance policy carefully. Start by reading the declaration page, which will tell you the amount of coverage you have on your home, outbuildings, and content. Look at your deductible amount, which you will need to pay out of pocket for every claim. It is not a yearly amount. 

You need to know what isn’t covered.

Home policies do have exclusions, things that aren’t covered. One of the most important things is that floods are not covered. Floods are a major cause of damage in the country, and if you are in danger, you need to buy a separate flood insurance policy. Earth movement is also not covered, including earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and landslides. 

Owner neglect isn’t covered.

It would be best if you kept your home well-maintained. If you don’t, the insurance company may not pay a claim you have. You have to treat your home for termites and other bugs, repair or replace your roof and keep your home in good shape inside and out.

Not all dogs are covered.

If you have a dog, make sure you let your insurance agent know what breed it is. Some breeds are so dangerous that your home insurance won’t cover them. You may want to check which ones are excluded before you choose your best friend. 

Contact Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE when you are in the market for home insurance. 

Four Benefits of RV Insurance

RVs are meant for fun, but they represent a tremendous financial investment. As an RV owner, you can suffer a substantial financial loss if your RV is not appropriately protected. Like you have auto insurance, you should also invest in RV insurance, regardless of your type of RV. 

If you buy RV insurance from Brokers Insurance Agency, you will enjoy the following benefits. 

  • Liability protection: No one is perfect. Irrespective of how careful you may be, mishaps can still occur on the road. And if you are responsible, you could face legal charges, bodily injury, or property damage. All these do not come cheap. However, you don’t have to worry about third-party expenses with RV insurance.
  • Asset protection: RVs are expensive — some may cost as much as a home. And since it’s a considerable investment, it’s only reasonable to secure it by purchasing RV insurance. The policy repairs your RV in case of damage and replaces it if it’s totaled.
  • Peace of mind: You will meet all manner of drivers on the road, some drunk, overspeeding and uninsured. Even when other drivers aren’t careful, RV insurance makes you relax and enjoy your journey by protecting you in case of an unfortunate incident.
  • Compliance with the law: The state of Nebraska requires that all vehicles on the road show proof of at least minimum liability coverage. Failure to show insurance evidence may subject you to stiff penalties and fines. Why subject yourself to this? You can buy affordable RV insurance from Brokers Insurance Agency. 

RV insurance Options in Lincoln, NE

If you require proper RV insurance in Lincoln, NE, and its surroundings, contact none other than Brokers Insurance Agency. We offer affordable RV insurance that suits your needs. Contact us today for a reasonable quote.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Nebraska

Motorcycle accidents in Nebraska are no joke. With a combination of wide-open highways and city slowdowns, the safety and security of your bike have become ever-more important. Brokers Insurance Agency Lincoln, NE understands that knowing the risks helps you best prepare, so we’ve assembled a short list of the top causes of motorcycle accidents in Nebraska.


It’s common to hear Midwesterners say, "If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes." As insurance experts, we suggest you wait 5 minutes before driving in potentially dangerous weather. Nebraska is well-known for having seasonal thunderstorms, hail, and the occasional tornado, which can create hazardous motorcycle conditions.

Overdriving the Conditions

It’s really neat to speed and do tricks in the movies. Nebraska’s open highways can lend the illusion that there is no traffic around and no hazards, so it’s safe to try out a few tricks. Maybe you want to try the open road and see how fast that new bike can go. Instead, remember that those speedsters in the movies are trained stunt drivers. Even on an open road, the average driver won’t have the skills to test these maneuvers safely — and it’s illegal too.


When a car meets a motorcycle in an accident, chances are the car will come off with less damage and injury. Other drivers on the road, especially those in four-wheeled vehicles or larger, are a significant source of motorcycle-related accidents and injuries. Understanding how to deal with drivers around town is vital to your defensive driving when on a bike. 

Brokers Insurance Agency knows Lincoln, NE, and wants to keep your motorcycle safe. Contact us today.

What Are The Top Concerns People Have About Boat Insurance?

When it comes to boat insurance, there are a lot of things to worry about. What if my boat sinks? What if I hit someone with my boat? What if there is an accident and I need to file a claim?

These are all valid concerns that people have when it comes to boat insurance. This article will discuss some of the top concerns people have regarding boat insurance.

1. How Much Will My Policy Cost?

This is one of the most common questions people have when shopping for boat insurance. The cost of your policy will depend on several factors, including the type and size of your boat, your boating history, and the coverage you choose. Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE, can help you find the right policy for your budget.

2. What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance policies can vary, but most will cover damage to your boat, personal property on board your boat, and liability if you cause an accident. Read your policy carefully to know what is and isn’t covered.

4. Do I Need Boat Insurance?

In most states, you are not required to have boat insurance. However, if you have a loan on your boat, your lender will likely require you to have coverage. Even if you don’t have a loan, it’s a good idea to insure your investment.

5. How Can I Save on Boat Insurance?

There are a few ways you can save on boat insurance. One is to shop around and compare rates from different insurers. Another is to choose a policy with a high deductible. You can also get discounts for taking boating safety courses or belonging to specific boating organizations.

6. How Do I File a Boat Insurance Claim?

If you need to file a claim, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent. They’ll help you through the process and answer any questions you have. You’ll likely need to provide photos of the damage, a police report (if applicable), and other documentation.


Boat insurance is a significant investment, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. By understanding your options and shopping around, you can find a policy that meets your needs and budget. Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE, can help you find the right boat insurance for your needs. Give us a call today.

Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car

There’s nothing quite like taking a drive in a classic car. The feeling of the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the engine’s rumble is an experience that can’t be beaten. If you’re lucky enough to own a classic car, then you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. After all, these cars are not only works of art but also valuable investments. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your classic car.

1. Get Classic Car Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your classic car is to get the right insurance. Classic car insurance is designed specifically for these types of vehicles and includes coverage for things like agreed value and parts replacement. This type of insurance can be more expensive than regular car insurance, but it’s worth knowing that your classic car is adequately protected.

2. Store Your Car Properly

When you’re not driving your classic car, it’s essential to store it properly. This means keeping the elements in a cool, dry place. If you have the space, consider investing in a garage or carport. If not, then be sure to cover your car when it’s parked outside.

3. Keep It Clean

A classic car is a work of art, so keeping it clean is important. This means washing and waxing the exterior regularly. You should also vacuum and polish the interior to keep it looking its best.

4. Stay on Top of Maintenance

Just like any other car, a classic car needs regular maintenance. This includes changing the oil, checking the tires, and making sure the brakes are in good working order. By staying on top of maintenance, you can help keep your classic car running smoothly for years to come.

If you’re lucky enough to own a classic car, follow these tips to help maintain it. And if you are looking for classic car insurance, be sure to contact Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE. We specialize in classic car insurance and can help you find the coverage you need to protect your investment.

Benefits of Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Lincoln, NE

As a Nebraska driver, you may wonder if full coverage auto insurance is worth the investment. After all, it can be expensive. But there are some definite benefits to having full coverage insurance, especially if you live in Lincoln. Here are just a few of the advantages of full coverage auto insurance in Lincoln:

You Have a Vehicle Loan

If you have a loan on your vehicle, your lender will require you to have full coverage insurance. This is because they want to make sure you protect their investment in case of an accident. Full coverage auto insurance will pay for damages to your car no matter who is at fault in an accident. This can be a tremendous relief if you are ever in an accident and your vehicle is totaled.

You Have a Lease

If you lease your vehicle, you will also be required to have full coverage insurance. Like with a loan, your leasing company wants to make sure they protect their investment in case of an accident. Like a comprehensive auto loan policy, full coverage auto insurance will pay for damages to your car no matter who is at fault in an accident.

A Brokers Insurance Agency representative can help you find the best full coverage insurance policy to meet your needs and budget.

You Drive in Hazardous Conditions

You know our winters can be brutal if you live in Lincoln, NE. And even though we don’t get a lot of snow, the roads can still be icy and dangerous. If you have full coverage auto insurance, you will be covered if you have an accident, even due to weather. This can give you peace of mind when driving under hazardous conditions.

A Brokers Insurance Agency representative can help you find the best full coverage insurance policy to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today for a quote.

Benefits of an umbrella policy for liability protection

Brokers Insurance Agency is proud to be a resource for the business community in the greater Lincoln, NE area. If you are wondering if it’s time for you to consider an umbrella policy for liability protection, we can answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation.

Umbrella policies for commercial liability protection

When protecting your company, liability can often feel like the most significant risk. This is especially true for retail businesses or those with a high rate of slip and fall incidents or other situations that can turn into frivolous lawsuits. One suit that goes the wrong way can exhaust a primary insurance policy.

You can enjoy additional coverage above your primary policy with an umbrella policy in place. Your umbrella policy will come into play when your primary commercial policy reaches its maximum. This provides you with additional protection right when your company needs it.

If you want to protect your firm from excessive liability risk, why not investigate your umbrella insurance policy options today? This type of policy can help to ensure that your company can continue to operate even if you experience a covered event for which you are held liable. With a commercial umbrella insurance policy in place, you can rest assured that your hard work is protected now and well into the future. 

Now might be the right time to add an umbrella policy to your commercial insurance portfolio.

If you are a business owner in the greater Lincoln, NE area, you can rely on Brokers Insurance Agency for your commercial insurance needs. Find out more about how an umbrella policy can provide liability protection by calling us today.

A Look At How Your Retirement Can Be Aided By Whole Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance which is only valid for a specific period, whole life insurance lasts for your entire life – assuming you continue to pay the policy premium. One of the most valuable aspects of whole life insurance is that it generates a cash value with significant tax benefits. Each time you pay your premium, a portion is set aside and invested in increasing the policy’s cash value and offers an alternative to saving and a supplement to your retirement accounts. While whole life insurance is significantly more expensive than term life insurance, it offers a multitude of benefits that are outlined below:

The Benefit is Permanent

It may be impossible to qualify for a term life insurance policy as you age because you must participate in an exhaustive physical health screening. However, with a whole life insurance policy, that benefit is 100% guaranteed if the policy remains in good standing. 

Generate Cash Value

Each time you make a premium payment, part of that payment is used to cover the insurance and associated fees, while the rest is used to build a tax-deferred cash component that can grow significantly with time. A loan can be taken against that cash value and used for any purchase if needed. 

The younger you are, the better time it is to purchase whole life because your premiums will likely be lower and will never increase, plus you’ll have more time to grow the cash value of your account.

Contact the Brokers Insurance Agency in Lincoln, NE for more information on life insurance. Our knowledgeable and professional team will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right life insurance policy for your needs.

Commercial Insurance Options for Nebraska Business Owners

When you have a business in Lincoln, NE, you will do everything to see it become a success. From burning the midnight oil to employing top employees, you are willing to throw everything you got to make your business stand the test of time.

While you are dedicated to your business, risks beyond your control can wipe your prized investment in a matter of minutes. We are talking about risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters that can consume your business within no time!

Commercial insurance options

Given the risky nature of the business environment, you need commercial insurance from Brokers Insurance Agency to protect your business. And because commercial insurance is broad, here are some coverage options you can consider for your business:

  • Professional liability insurance: This coverage protects your consultancy business when you miss deadlines or when accused of negligence.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Do you have vehicles for the business? Do you use your personal vehicle for commercial use? Either way, you need commercial auto insurance.
  • General liability insurance: This coverage protects your business when accused by third parties. It protects your business when other people sue you or accuse you of property damage, bodily, and advertising injury.
  • Umbrella insurance: This liability coverage takes over when your general liability insurance is exhausted.
  • Worker’s comp insurance: This insurance plan covers employees against illnesses and work-related injuries.
  • Property insurance: If you have assets like inventory, computers, buildings, and furniture, you need property damage to cover your assets against fire, theft, vandalism, and other risks listed in your policy.
  • Flood insurance: If your business is in a high-risk flood zone, you require flood insurance because typical commercial insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

Shopping for commercial insurance in Lincoln, NE? Why don’t you contact Brokers Insurance Agency for an affordable insurance plan? We offer numerous commercial insurance coverage options to cater to different categories of businesses.