Prepping Your Home for Winter: What Homeowners Need to Know

Freezing temperatures are just around the corner. As a homeowner, your home must be prepared for the ice and snow ahead. At Brokers Insurance Agency, we’re proud to service Lincoln, NE residents with all their home insurance needs. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get your home ready for winter. 

Call in the Furnace Professionals

It’s a good idea to have your furnace serviced at least once every year. If you haven’t had your furnace serviced yet this year, you’ll want to check it before relying on your HVAC unit to keep you warm.

Turn Off Outdoor Faucets

Walk around your home and ensure all exterior faucets are turned off, and bring in your hoses until spring. Doing so can prevent freezing water that can equal a major leak when turning your water on in the spring.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

It’s time to flip the little switch on your ceiling fans when the winter chill begins to set in. This sends the heat back down to your living area instead of back up to the ceiling. This simple trick can save you serious cash when it comes to heating your home in the winter. 

Take a Look at Your Roof

Ice, snow, and wind can all do a number on your roof in the winter. If there’s a problem with your roof, it’s best to find out now rather than pay to have it fixed once the cold rolls around. 

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